About Us

TJENDANA FOOD, headquartered in Bandung, Indonesia, is the product division of Tjendana Bistro restaurant. Famous for Sambal Bawang Chilli Sauce, Tjendana Tofu, and Belacan Fried Chicken, Tjendana Food provides delicious, nutritious and convenient foods for families in around the world. In more than 48 of those city in Indonesia and overseas, we enjoy the making the best product for our customer.

In short, Tjendana Food is committed to enriching your family’s eating experience, whether you’re at home, dining out, or “on the go!” At any given moment, on any given continent, Tjendana employes are hard at work…creating new products, perfecting fresh ideas, and developing nutritious and innovative foods for today’s families. Tjendana Food is a trusted name for consumers, a valued partner in the community, and a great investment with tremendous growth potential..